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5 Tips On Choosing a Microblading Training

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Becoming a microblading artist can be a rewarding and lucrative choice. Unfortunately, all training courses are not equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary. By using our guide, you can be sure you are picking a training course that will set you up for success!


When deciding on your course you want to be sure that your trainer is qualified and experienced in the industry. For instance, you should be able to see if your trainer has satisfied clients as well as students. This shows that they are credible and not someone who just recently learned the technique. In most cases you should be able to see this information clearly on their website, social media, and google reviews


To ensure your training will give you what you need to be a skilled microblading artist don’t skip over the curriculum. This will give you a good idea on what to expect in the course. Comparing curriculums when deciding between trainings can be a good way of seeing where you would get the most value for your investment.


Check to see that the microblading course provides training kits, training manual, and materials to start working as soon as possible. Keep in mind if a training provider does not offer a quality kit or no kit at all this will be an additional cost to you.


Its important to consider how long the training course is. Beware of the beginner 1-day courses that rush through everything which may just leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. Not only are there too many subjects to cover to make a 1-day course efficient, the key here is to have the opportunity to practice on live models while you are guided by a highly skilled instructor. There simply isn’t enough time to go over theory and have practice time all in one day. It is best to practice on a live model in class and not just observe a demonstration because watching a microblading procedure and actually doing is a totally different experience.


After your training is complete and you’re ready to start your career helping women everywhere feel more beautiful, one thing you need to know is if you happen to have any questions or times of uncertainty you have someone to reach out to. Be sure to ask if the training provider has any support systems in place.

These 5 tips will help you in your decision-making process tremendously. Education is important as it is the foundation of your whole career! Bellviso Global provides this level of training in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. To learn more visit

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